winding down with williams
Welcome to the third edition of Winding Down With Williams.  30 minutes of beautiful fan renditions of classic soundtracks.  In this edition we have four wonderful pieces from Star Wars, two from Jurassic Park and two paying tribute to James Horner.
Here’s the list of fans who provided their talent in this edition:
 jcalikokat – Southampton, Titanic – James Horner
The PianoGuys – Jurassic Park
Jacob’s Piano – Braveheart – James Horner
String Player Gamer – Force Theme and Celebration
Pianoeire – Across the Stars
Taylor Davis – Duel of the Fates and Jurassic Park.  Taylor Davis tour details –
Hope you enjoy the show.  Feel free to contact me via emailFacebook or Twitter. Thanks for listening.
Rob Wainfur

Listen to the Show here!

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