Topps Star Wars Exclusives for New York Comic Con!

Topps Star Wars Exclusives for New York Comic Con!

Qui-Gon JinnGoing to New York Comic Con this year? If so, and Star Wars trading cards from Topps are right up your alley, you’re in luck!

Topps will be offering 7 oversized card sets in the vintage 1977 look and feel. Each set contains 10 cards featuring one faction from the Star Wars saga. Each set will retail for $20 (tax included) and will be sold exclusively at New York Comic Con. We are doing a pretty limited print run of just 250 per set. Come find us at Booth 2266!

The 7 faction sets are:

• The Rebel Alliance

• The Galactic Empire

• The Jedi Council

• Sith & Separatists

• The Resistance

• The First Order

• Rebels

Here’s a look at one character from each set:

More cards will be revealed in the lead-up to NYCC, so stay up to date by visiting the official Topps Star Wars Facebook page.

Thanks to Mark from Topps for the info and images!

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