The Latest ‘Studying Skywalkers’ by CWK’s Dan Z Looks at “The Empire Strikes Back”

The Latest ‘Studying Skywalkers’ by CWK’s Dan Z Looks at “The Empire Strikes Back”


In the latest installment of his ongoing series for the official Star Wars Blog, Studying Skywalkers, CWK co-host Dan Z continues his look at the themes present in the Star Wars film saga. This time, he examines The Empire Strikes Back and its themes of sacrifice and looking beyond first impressions.

Below is an excerpt:

Star continues to look at themes present in the six existing Star Wars films as we get closer to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Up next on our list is The Empire Strikes Back. Routinely analyzed and dissected for incredible action, evolving character dynamics, and, of course, the stunning reveal of Skywalker pedigree. The penultimate film in the original trilogy contains themes that heighten personal cost to each character, and adds more layers of complexity and drama to the Star Wars saga. As with many good stories, the film provides more questions than answers, and has left a legacy on popular culture for many generations of not only Star Wars fans, but filmgoers as well.

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