Marvel Star Wars Comics Review: Doctor Aphra #14

This review of Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #14 contains minor spoilers.

After the enormity of the previous story arc, issue 14 begins the cycle anew with Si Spurrier joining Kieron Gillen on the monthly title as co-writer.

If the first chapter of “Remastered” is any indication, it’s going to be a hell of a ride.

This issue is the first since Aphra’s debut where we see her truly grapple with her past decisions and how they color her future outlook.

It’s a story that sees the return of familiar faces and potential partners in the persona of Imperial now-Lt. Magna Tolva, as well as something that’s been seen only fleetingly in prior adventures: a conscience. Add to that the realization that Aphra’s seemingly thoughtless actions have had consequences on those she’s interacted with — see Tolva — and it’s a remarkable piece of character study.

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Marvel Star Wars Comics Review: Rogue One #6

This review of Star Wars: Rogue One #6 contains minor spoilers.

It was no secret how Rogue One was going to end.

We all saw it coming.

Yet that did little to stop the team behind the six-issue film adaptation from adding one last, lofty and piercing surprise to throw us for a loop. All it took was a series of words that for some Star Wars fans, were the first they ever read.

Rogue One ended as it began with rich detail, added material and luxurious storytelling in words and images.

The final issue of Rogue One wasn’t bereft of the extreme emotional toll of losing the entire Rebel band on Scarif. That grief and shock remained lasting and durable.

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