Comics With Kenobi #41

Bravestarr’s Tex Hex makes his Star Wars Saga debut, while Mace Windu gets a lesson in humility — or does he? — in the Marvel-published Star Wars comics that were released Dec. 27.

Were they worth the time and money?

Listen as Jeff and Matt discuss each issue’ pros and cons, as well as news that A Star Wars Comic will begin is second year on Jan. 25 with issue #13.

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Marvel Star Wars Comics Review: Mace Windu #5

This review of Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic — Mace Windu #5 contains minor spoilers.

After five issues of the Mace Windu mini series, readers are left with a bevy of questions, chief among them: What was the purpose?

It’s a difficult answer, but it’s there, in plain sight. Yet the answer is different to each and ever individual reader. For some, it may be, nothing, there was no purpose. For others, it was an exercise in futility. For me? It was a matter of practicing patience, holding out for something deeper.

It was a long wait, yes, and the story that Matt Owens penned is a profound one, though it’s overlooked, at times, because of vexing hue and cry over the art that envelopes the story. (That said, the watercolor cover by Rod Reis is a thing of beauty.)

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