Marvel Star Wars Comics Review: Mace Windu #4

This review of Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic: Mace Windu #4 contains minor spoilers.

The penultimate issue of the Mace Windu mini series has upped the stakes demonstrably through the use of flashbacks and real-world parallels to evangelism and how that can be good and bad.

What’s most striking about the issue, written by Matt Owens, is its deep dive into the pros and cons of a widely accepted way of thinking and how easy it can be to hijack it for one’s own personal gain.

As such, the series takes a needed break from the previous three issues to focus instead on the moral relativism of Jedi dogma and whether a one-size-fits-all thinking can ever work for such a disparate group of adherents.

The story is made better, too, by the use of flashbacks that shows readers a Padawan Mace Windu searching out an imposter with Jedi Master Cyslin Myr on the the world of Mathas.

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