Art, Meaning, and Fun in Star Wars: The Special Edition – A Guest Blog by Dan Reilly

Star Wars is like a song you love. You hear the song and it takes you back to a special time in your life. It’s a soundtrack for your memories. You hear it and images unfold on the screen of your mind, accompanied by an array of sights, sounds, and sensations. For instance, within a few notes of “America the Beautiful” by Ray Charles, I’m back celebrating the 4th of July in the neighborhood where I grew up. I smell hotdogs on the grill and gunpowder in the air. I hear the cheers of baseball games, the sizzle and pop of sparklers, firecrackers, and Coca-Cola. I see star-spangled streamers flapping from bicycles, and breeze-kissed American flags waving from porches, washed golden in the sun, and then in the warm dusk, exploding gemstones of fireworks illuminating and patterning the sky.

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