The Caffeinated Collector: Episode 34 – Coming Back For More, Part 1. Which is actually Part 4…

Hello there! You may have noticed I was M.I.A. for a couple of months. Or, maybe you didn’t. If you didn’t, good. Just don’t tell me that you didn’t. Anywho, I’m back, baby, better than ever, and I’m ready to inundate you with thoughts, feelings, and remembrances. What you are about to read is part 1 in what will be an ongoing series about the Star Wars films. We all love Star Wars, most of us started out with the films, and we keep coming back to them time and time again. We all do this for different reasons, but the one common factor is that they just kind of feel like old friends, don’t they? Or a warm, fuzzy blanket on a chilly afternoon. Or….you know what, I’m gonna stop that right there before I drink a gallon of hot cocoa and fall asleep. My point is this: We love the saga. What I have been pondering is each film as a separate work. What keeps me coming back to each film individually? When I decide that I want to watch one, why do I choose the one that I opt for? I’ve found that the answer is different for each chapter in the saga, and that’s what my next several blogs will be concerned with. I’m going to go through each film one-at-a-time and discover what it is uniquely about THAT film that I am drawn back to. I’m sure I’ll surprise myself with a few of my findings, and hopefully it will give some of you an appreciation for elements of the films you’ve never noticed, or encourage you to consider this topic for yourself and discover your own answer for each film.

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