CWK Show #92: “Why does a vacuum cleaner need Wi-Fi?”, with Marcus Dohring and Kristin Baver (187)

Dan Z is joined by 501st member and 501st Cast co-host, Marcus Dohring, and, Star Wars Insider, and Coffee With Kenobi blogger, Kristin Baver. They start the show with a brief discussion on the trailer for The Last Jedi. Nick Dico shares his experiences on the Beta for Star Wars Battlefront II, and Tom brings us up to date on news.  For the Coffee Chat, CWK co-founder, Cory Clubb joins Dan Z to discuss The Last Jedi movie poster. This the podcast you’re looking for!

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Comics With Kenobi Issue #11 (150)


Vader is down, but actually Darth Vader is really up. So far up that all the hype surrounding the six-issue crossover IS worth it! He’s also amazingly lethal and so precise that it’s scary. Sidious plus Dooku plus Darth Maul plus Kylo Ren scary.

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Star Wars Weekends 2014 Week 2 Recap

Mickey's Jedi Blend

Well I didn’t think week one could be topped….boy was I wrong!!!!

Week 2 ended and I’m still trying to recover from such a crazy fun weekend. To quote my fellow blogger, Becca, it was “funtastic!”

It started Saturday morning. Nice and early in the morning, my partner in crime Robbie and I head out again before the sun rose and made our way into line at Hollywood Studios for our pass to meet Warwick Davis. After sitting in line for hours, the passes were secured, the park opened and the fun began. We were blessed with an early signing session with Wicket himself. He wasn’t too talkative that morning, which he apparently made up for later during the Stars of the Saga show. That’s something we will discuss later, since we saw it on Sunday.

Warwick Davis and I
Warwick Davis and I

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Dan Z’s Latest Blog Available on Star Star Wars Prom!

Dan Deanna and ArtooMy latest Blog for the Official Site is now available for viewing.  It covers the Star Wars themed Prom we recently had, and features photos and information on the amazing event.  Be sure to check it out!

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CWK Show # 6: The Star Wars Special Edition, featuring Ed Dolista (10)

CoffeeWithKenobi_LogoFinal_FINAL.jpgIn today’s show we are honored to share a cup of Coffee with Ed Dolista of the Indy Cast as we discuss our topic for Show # 6, the Star Wars Special Edition. We also have an interview with Mark of the Midwest Garrison of the 501st and find out more on the 501st; what it’s all about, how you can join, and much more.
We will also look at news regarding J.J. Abrams’ vision for Episode VII, the spin-off films, the top ten Star Wars fight, and how you can purchase a life-sized Kenner Stormtrooper. This is the Podcast You’re Looking For!

Show Notes

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Sign me up for #AngryBirds #StarWars The Science Behind the Saga thanks to @thebearedtrio @coffeewithkenobi and @natgeobooks


Abrams vision for Episode VII

Spinoff Film info

Top Ten Star Wars Fights

Top Ten Ways to prepare for Episode VII

Collector News

Life Sized Kenner Stormtrooper

Leia Controversy in new Star Wars Comic Series

AT-AT and Tauntaun T-Shirts

Coffee With Kenobi T- Shirt Orders


Check out the Indy Cast!

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