Star Wars Valentine’s Day Survey Results

Star Wars Valentine’s Day Survey Results

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Star Wars Valentine’s Day e-Card by Ladbrokes Bingo

Can You Feel the Star Wars Love?

Valentine’s Day is for celebrating those we hold dear through sincere expressions of affection, and a deeply held – and hopefully shared – love for all things Star Wars. In keeping with that theme, here are the Star Wars-related results of a Valentine’s Day survey conducted by UK-based Ladbrokes Bingo:

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Quite a few among us look to the great romances of film, TV and books for help when it comes to Valentine’s Day. A survey undertaken for Ladbrokes Bingo asked 2,000 people for their thoughts about favourite characters in fiction and their search for love.

Star Wars Stats:

• Han Solo and Princess Leia (12%) were voted the third most popular couple of all time by the nation, just behind Jack and Rose from the Titanic (13%) and Ross and Rachel from Friends (23%).

• Although 11% of respondents did say they think Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker are the couple that ‘should have been’

• Harrison Ford’s Han Solo (8%) pitted Ryan Gosling’s Noah Calhoun to the post for sexiest male. (6%)

• Star Wars – The Force Awakens is the 2015 release that the nation are most excited about as it got nearly a quarter of the votes (23%) beating Fifty Shades of Grey and the Minions Movie.

• Nearly a third of men said Star Wars – The Force Awakens is the film they are most looking forward to this year. (31%)

• Nearly a quarter of sci-fi fans (24%) said Han Solo and Princess Leia are the best couple from TV and film.

• 13% of male respondents said Princess Leia is the sexiest character from film

• Although Princess Leia was a popular choice, sci-fi fans voted Lara Croft as the sexiest female character from film.

Thank you to Ladbrokes for the survey results and the e-card!

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