Star Wars News from Toy Fair 2015 – Looking for Hera and Sabine?

Star Wars News from Toy Fair 2015 – Looking for Hera and Sabine?


Hera and Sabine, where are you?

Jedi Temple Archives recently took part in a Q&A with Hasbro at Toy Fair 2015, and while there was some good news, overall it seemed ‘meh’ – especially if you’re looking for Hera or Sabine action figures from Star Wars Rebels.

Here are a few of the highlights (or lowlights, depending on your point of view) that I found interesting:

Q: Where are the action figures for the female characters from Rebels, like Hera, Sabine, or Maketh Tua? Male characters like Ezra and Kanan have been released multiple times already in many formats and scales, yet the best we’ve seen on shelves so far is a single Sabine with a non-removable helmet and a yet-to-be-released Hera, both of whom are packed with re-released Stormtroopers. Female characters have always played an integral role in the Star Wars saga, from Leia in the original trilogy to Padme in the prequels to Ahsoka and Asaaj in The Clone Wars and have always been among the first characters released in figure form, yet for this new chapter in the Saga, they’ve barely been a blip on the radar.
A: Hasbro feels they have released plenty of female characters in the line.

Q: Hasbro.. I used to buy a figure or two every week. I haven’t spent any money on your company since November last year. I am not interested in 6″ or 5POA 3.75″. I was going to collect the Rebels line but due to a lack of availability I have lost interest in them and have no desire to collect them now. I know I am not the only collector that feels this way. Are you concerned that you are losing customers by not having the abundance of SA 3.75″ that you used to have? I’m pretty much done with collecting as it is in its current state. I only collect Star Wars figures and I am sick of seeing nothing but junky overpriced Command crap. Are you aware that in New Zealand a lot of retailers aren’t even carrying figures now?
A: Everyone will be happy Fall 2015.

Q: Do you have plans to release a Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Exclusive?
A: No.

Q: Are there plans for any further TBS exclusives like we’ve seen through Walgreens and Target?
A: No.

Q: As a Leia fan, while it feels like it’s been a rather long drought, except for Slave Leia 6″, it appears that several new Leia figures are in the near future. This is really amazing. It seems like Carrie Fisher’s likeness has always been difficult to nail down, but the Cerimonal Gown Leia recently shown looks drastically different than Fisher (“Supermodel Leia”). As development on the figure has progressed, has this been addressed? How important is likeness in terms of design priorities? Anything else to tease Leia-related (fantasy: return of the Princess Leia collection).

A: There are no more Leias planned at the moment.

Also, there is mention of a leak concerning the release of an Ewok Celebration Leia figure, but Hasbro stated that there was a mix-up and apparently that figure is not forthcoming.

I know many, many fans are anxious for Hera and Sabine. Heck, many of us are just anxious for Rebels figures period! Maybe it’s just a matter of where I live, but I’ve not seen any on shelves anywhere. The same could be said for the Walgreens exclusive Boba Fett (with prototype armor) from The Black Series line.

Also of note – no exclusive figure for Star Wars Celebration.

I don’t collect nearly as many figures as I used to, but I do look forward to exclusives, and I’d love to give Rebels some love – but it seems that’s not to be. I hope I’m wrong….

They say we’ll be happy this fall. Time to exercise your cautious optimism. 😉

Many more issues are addressed in the Q&A, which can be found over at Jedi Temple Archives.

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