Star Wars #17

Luke and Han go for a ride, Kanan and his band from Rebels look to leave Kaller, Darth Vader is under assault — again — and Obi-wan and Anakin are beset by conflict with no clear idea of how to get out.

Such are the adventures in Marvel’s sale of Star Wars comics out in March, which boast space flights, cosmic fights and a dark lord’s plight.


Obi-Wan and Anakin #3

In Obi-Wan and Anakin #3 — out March 9 — writer Charles Soule and artist Marco Checchetto find themselves in a bind not so easy to untie.


Kanan #12

In Kanan #12, writer Greg Weisman and artist Andrea Broccardo see the rebels’ adventures conclude on Kaller, but for Kanan, the past is never far as a former friend needs help. The issue is in comic shops on March 16.

In Star Wars #17, Han and Luke go for a ride in the Falcon, while Leia, along with some of her “friends,” find troubles of their own. At the same time, the Rebel’s prison base is under attack. Jason Aaron writes and Leinil Yu handles art. Look for three variant covers — Terry and Rachel Dodson, Yu and an action figure by John Tyler Christopher. Look for it in shops on March 23.


Darth Vader #18

On March 30, writer Kieron Gillen and artist Salvador Larroca put Darth Vader on the defensive in the pages of Darth Vader #18. The Sith lord is prepared to make his move but Cylo (is he IV or V or more?) and his galactic legion of ne’er do wells aims to make a statement in what will be outright full-scale warfare on Sho-Turun.

All four books are $3.99 and number 32 pages.

STWVADER2015015Looking to April, Marvel will release the collected Star Wars: Vader Down crossover on April 20. It includes the one-shot, Star Wars 13-14 and Darth Vader 13-15. The 136-page softcover will sell for $19.99

Volume 2 of Kanan, First Blood, will be released May 4. The 136-page softcover collects Kanan issues 7-12. It will cost $17.99





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