Marvel Star Wars Comics Reviews: Star Wars #35

Marvel Star Wars Comics Reviews: Star Wars #35

This review of Star Wars #35 contains minor spoilers.

Jason Aaron’s got two issues left on Star Wars. He’s not coasting, either.

With another one-and-done story, the writer of Marvel’s flagship Star Wars comics monthly title is delivering some of the best stories of his career, breathing new and vital layers of complex and daring attitude for those core Original Trilogy characters.

Nowhere is this evidenced more than in Star Wars #35, a character-driven study of Han Solo that ties in not only elements of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy, but also A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back.

More importantly, it gives readers and fans — new and old — a deeper look into what and who Han is, something that’s been missing in this series.

The crux of the story — written by Aaron, drawn by Salvador Larroca, colored by Edgar Delgado, lettered by VC’s Clayton Cowles and edited by Heather Antos and Jordan D. White — is simple: A smuggling job.

The client? The Rebel alliance. The cargo? Grakkus the Hutt.

Yes, Star Wars‘ favorite “cut” Hutt, 24-pack abs and all, is back in the comics, but this time he’s more plot point than antagonist.

Mon Mothma has tasked Han and Chewbacca with ferrying Grakkus to an interrogation site so that the alliance, always running short on everything, can restock with materiel.

For Grakkus, it’s a chance to bargain and return to his lofty position of power within the criminal underworld.

For Han?

Well, it’s complicated, given he’s got everything he wants: Free and easy, sardonic, but those pesky feelings of responsibility, duty, commitment and even emotional ties to Leia are in the way.

Or are they? That’s for you see, but rest assured, this isn’t so much a story of redemption, it’s a tale of acknowledging what’s already there, buried within.

Star Wars #35 is in comic shops now, selling for $3.99, and on Comixology.

(For more detail and discussion, listen to Comics With Kenobi #34, due out Sept. 5.)

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