Poe Dameron #1


Star Wars #18

Poe Dameron takes his place among Marvel’s monthly Star Wars comics in April, replacing the critically-lauded but underselling Kanan and joining solidly entrenched monthly series Star Wars and Darth Vader. And, yes, BB-8 is in it. (We’re hoping that Ello Asty will be, too!)

Another popular character gets front-cover billing, too, as Doctor Aphra teams up with … Princess Leia? (Wait, what? Really?)
For fans of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the series — written by Charles Soule and drawn by Phil Noto — is the first of what thousands upon thousands are hoping won’t be the last featuring characters from the record-setting blockbuster film as they await Episode VIII in 2017.

For Dameron fans — and they are legion — the new series is set in the run-up to the

Movie Variant

Movie Variant

events of The Force Awakens and builds on the story foundation set forth in the pages of the four-issue Shattered Empire mini-series in 2015, along with Greg Rucka-written novella Star Wars: Before the Awakening. In the series, Soule (the writer of the critically and commercially lauded Lando five-issue mini-series) and Noto (who drew the beloved Chewbacca five-issue mini-series) will focus on Dameron’s role as leader of a squadron of Resistance X-Wings on a “top secret and vital mission” that sees him setting off “investigating sites of historical importance to the Force.”

We’re inferring that to be related to Gen. Leia Organa’s ongoing search for her brother, the missing Luke Skywalker.

Issue #1 is on sale April 6 and comes in at 40 pages for $4.99 and features a host of variant covers, inlcuding a sketch cover and design variant by Noto, one by John Cassady, an action-figure variant by John Tyler Christopher, a BB-8 variant by Joe Quinones, along with a movie variant, among others.

In the pages of Star Wars #18, writer Jason Aaron and artist Leinil Francis Yu continue the story of a rebel base overrun and Imperial prisoners under threat as Aphra and Leia join forces. The 32-page comic is out April 27 for $3.99. It features a variant cover by Yu, along with an action-figure variant cover by John Tyler Christopher.


Darth Vader #19

In Darth Vader #19, writer Kieron Gillen and artist Salvador Larroca bring to a conclusion the Shu-Torun war as Vader faces down the machinations (Galactic Wonder Twins Unite!) of Cylo while attempting to bring the Ore Barons into line. The 32-page book is on sale April 13 for $3.99.

Finally Charles Soule (remember him?) and artist Marco Checchetto open issue #4 of Obi-Wan & Anakin with the master and padawan on opposite sides of a raging war that could, if they’re not careful, put them smack dab in the middle of a vicious crossfire from which there is no survival. Compounding the situation? Anakin wants to leave the Jedi Order! The 32-page, $3.99 book is on sale April 20.

Looking to May, Marvel will release the final volume of the just canceled Kanan, releasingSTWKANANV2TPB_cvr Kanan, First Blood on May 18, more than two weeks after it was initially scheduled. The 136-page softcover collects issues 7-12, with story by Greg Weisman and art by Pepe Larraz, and will retail for $17.99.

On May 25, Marvel is reprinting the adaption of of Star Wars: STWPMENHC_CVREpisode I — The Phantom Menace that was originally done by Dark Horse Comics. The Henry Gilroy-written and Rodolfo DaMaggio-illustrated collects all four issues in an oversized 120-page collection that sports a cover by fan favorite Mike Mayhew. It will retail for $24.99.


Matt Moore has been perpetrating journalism since 1985, reveling in Star Wars since 1977 and reading comics since 1974.

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