(The cover of "Darth Vader" No. 3/Marvel Entertainment)

(The cover of “Darth Vader” No. 3/Marvel Entertainment)

It’s only December yet Marvel’s slate of Star Wars comics will be at three come March when the Mark Waid-written and Terry Dodson-illustrated Princess Leia mini-series makes it debut with two issues as the Rebel alliance leader finds out what it means to be a princess without a home world.

Also making a debut is a new female character in the pages of Darth Vader No. 3, Dr. Aphra, whose presence is starting to generate buzz, given the lack of information about the character yet her importance, given the cover of the issue.

The third issue of Vader focuses the Dark Lord turning for help to Aphra, touted by Marvel as the galaxy’s “foremost raider of lost weaponry” along with a pair of droids that are akin to C-3PO and R2-D2 yet decidedly less wholesome.

So far, there’s no word on Aphra’s origin or backstory, but it goes without saying the character may be an intriguing one, given she shares a name with 16th century English dramatist and novelist Aphra Behn, one of England’s first professional woman writers and a spy for the British crown in the Netherlands. She formed what was called the “fair triumvirate of wit” with Delarivier Manley and Eliza Haywood.

(The cover of "Star Wars" No. 3/Marvel Entertainment)

Luke Skywalker contends with Stormtroopers on the cover of “Star Wars” No. 3. (Marvel Entertainment)

Meanwhile, in Star Wars No. 3, the battle on Cymoon-1 is poised to end as the Rebels strive to beat back the Empire.

As for Princess Leia, her five-issue mini-series starts off with no less than 10 variant covers, including a film version.

(Variant cover of "Princess Leia" No. 1/Marvel Entertainment)

(Variant cover of “Princess Leia” No. 1/Marvel Entertainment)

And a cryptic teaser image, too.

(Marvel Entertainment)

(Marvel Entertainment)

All three titles are 32 pages and list for $3.99.

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