Star Wars Celebration Art Show Features Exclusives by Artists Joe Corroney and Brian Miller; Pre-Orders Available Now

Star Wars Celebration Art Show Features Exclusives by Artists Joe Corroney and Brian Miller; Pre-Orders Available Now

Hundreds of artists were considered for the Star Wars Celebration Art Show, in the end Lucasfilm and the panel of judges narrowed down their selection to just 32 artists to create exclusive new illustrations for the event. Two of the featured artists are the duo of Joe Corroney and Hi-Fi color design’s Brian Miller who frequently collaborate on cover illustrations for sci-fi comics like The X-Files, Star Trek, and Doctor Who as well as Star Wars art for book covers, Star Wars Insider magazine, Topps trading cards, Disney Parks, and Star Wars collectables for ACME Archives & Dark Ink Art.

Joe Corroney and Brian Miller each chose to represent the Rebellion in their Star Wars Celebration exclusive illustrations titled, ‘STAR WARS: 40 YEARS OF THE FORCE’ & ‘I REBEL’. Between the two artist they have managed to capture the essence of the original Star Wars film as well as embrace the latest film in the franchise, Rogue One. Joe had this to say about his newest illustration, “I absolutely loved Rogue One, especially the character of Jyn Erso from the film. For this new print I wanted to capture the defiance of her character during one of the key action sequences on Jedha. Also, the title of the artwork is actually a quote taken from a cut scene from the film which appeared in the trailers when Jyn infamously says “I rebel”. The Star Wars saga has a great history of strong, heroic female characters that fans all over the world have looked up to and have been inspired by. I’m hoping female fans especially will really respond positively to this new art because of our own current period in history with women all over the world courageously marching and taking a stand against oppression for themselves and for the rights of others.”

When asked about his artwork for Celebration Miller says, “‘STAR WARS: 40 YEARS OF THE FORCE’ is a salute to the anniversary of the 1977 release of Star Wars. The idea was to illustrate Star Wars in a manner evocative of the time period. I love the scene where Luke Skywalker turns off the targeting computer in his X-Wing fighter and uses the Force to focus on his target. It’s symbolic of Luke truly embracing the light side of the force and beginning his journey to becoming a Jedi. In this pivotal moment Darth Vader has Luke’s X-Wing in his sights until Han Solo and Chewbacca return in the Millennium Falcon to blast the TIE Fighters. The Rebel and the scoundrel work together to destroy the Death Star and save the rebellion. It’s a timeless moment and one I am proud to have captured with this new illustration.”

Both artists will be attending Star Wars Celebration Orlando April 13 – 16 where their artwork will be featured in the Celebration Art Show. Limited edition, officially licensed prints of the artwork are being made available exclusively for attendees as well. “Joe and I are thrilled to share our Star Wars art with everyone at Celebration Orlando,” comments Miller, “Seeing longtime Star Wars fans again and spending time with the other illustrators makes it that much more special.” Joe Corroney adds, “There’s definitely a feeling of family among all of us Star Wars artists. It’s like a reunion, we catch up with each other at Celebration.”

As artists who work on officially licensed Lucasfilm projects Joe Corroney and Brian Miller also participate in Celebration programming for the fans. Joe will be sketching Star Wars characters at Booth No. 2810 and Brian will be participating in the Star Wars Kids art program. Kids can learn how to make droids with Brian during the “Create a paper-craft BB-8″ event at Celebration.

Star Wars Celebration Orlando runs April 13th – 16th, 2017. Fans will find Joe Corroney and Brian Miller appearing at booth no. 2810 during the event. Attendees interested in the two limited edition prints, ‘STAR WARS: 40 YEARS OF THE FORCE’ and ‘I REBEL’ may pre-order them [now] at the links below and pick-up the prints in person at Star Wars Celebration booth no. 2810. These exclusive prints will sell-out, pre-ordering is strongly encouraged.

Detailed information and images for the Star Wars Celebration Orlando exclusive artwork below.

illustration by Brian Miller
Price $60
Limited to 250 edition
Hand signed and numbered – includes certificate of authenticity
12″ x 24″
7-color fine art silkscreen on 100# French speckle tone stock

illustration by Joe Corroney
Price $60
Limited to 250 edition
Hand signed and numbered
Measures 18″ x 24″ inches
4-color process lithograph on 80# cover stock with satin aqueous archival finish

Fans and collectors can view the prints for preorder at:

Thank you to Joe Corroney and Brian Miller for the press release and images.

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