Star Wars: Card Trader – Thanksgiving/Black Friday Releases!

Star Wars: Card Trader – Thanksgiving/Black Friday Releases!


Star Wars: Card Trader – Thanksgiving/Black Friday Releases

Topps Star Wars: Card Trader is getting ready for the big Thanksgiving weekend with some excellent new releases! Here’s a brief outline, followed by all the details in the announcement below:

11/26 Thanksgiving: Vintage Thursday
11/27 Black Friday: Film Quote Fridays
11/27 Black Friday: Black Friday Classic Cards featuring the Force Awakens
11/28 Widevision Saturday
11/30 Cyber Monday: Droid Series

11/26, Thanksgiving: Vintage Thursday is back! A new card featuring a vintage, worn design will be released every Thursday, starting with Thanksgiving Day!
• These marathon series are massively popular, very noteworthy releases, as it’s long term content that will consistently be available
• Vintage Thursday starts with the a recall to one of the iconic first scenes of the Empire Strikes Back, during Han Solo’s heroic rescue of Luke

11/27, Black Friday: Film Quote Fridays is a brand new marathon, based on mass demand. Starting on Black Friday, a new card featuring a famous quote from the films will be released every single Friday.
• The Film Quote series was originally a limited 10-card series, but due to huge demand and popularity, we’re bringing it back as a regular Friday release.
• The first Film Quote Card will be released contextually with Black Friday, as a celebration of the Dark Side, with a Darth Vader quote.


11/27, Black Friday: Black Friday Classic Cards featuring the Force Awakens will be available exclusively on Black Friday! The set features the original 1977 Topps Classic cards, but with the Force Awakens characters and the never-before-seen black borders.
• Cards include Rey, Kylo Ren, BB-8, and the Droids. If players can collect them all, they will get the Black Friday Classic Finn.

BlackFridayClassic_Rey BlackFridayClassic_KyloRen BlackFridayClassic_Droids BlackFridayClassic_Chewie BlackFridayClassic_BB8

11/28: Widevision Saturday is a final brand new marathon, focusing on cinematic scenes that are beautiful in the story, or visually stunning to the film. It starts the Saturday after Black Friday, and a new one is released every Saturday.
• The first Widevision Saturday card features the beloved relationship between Han and Leia, as they part at the end of Empire Strikes Back


11/30: Cyber Monday starts the initiation of our limited edition Droid Series! This will be our first series that celebrates the various droids that we have encountered throughout the Star Wars galaxy.
• The series starts on Cyber Monday with the IG-88 Assassin Droid, and will continue the rest of the week.


Thank you to Topps for the press release.

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