STAR WARS Card Trader by Topps: Now Available on Android!

STAR WARS Card Trader by Topps: Now Available on Android!



Topps Launches STAR WARS™: CARD TRADER App for Android Featuring First-Ever Star Wars: The Force Awakens™ Digital Trading Cards

April 24, 2015

NEW YORK, N.Y. — The Topps Company, Inc. has released Star Wars™: Card Trader, the official Star Wars™ digital trading card app for Android. Available now in the Google Play Store, Star Wars: Card Trader brings the thrill of the chase of digital collecting to Star Wars fans everywhere.

Star Wars: Card Trader launches with exciting new features, including:

The First Cards From Star Wars: The Force Awakens: BB-8, Poe Dameron, Kylo Ren, Rey and other recently announced new characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens are here! Go to the Cantina and blast open packs to try to find these exciting new cards, all released in vintage inspired “Star Wars ‘77” blue and red border designs.
Trading Like A Jawa: The Star Wars: Card Trader app is like a 24/7 Star Wars card convention that you can take with you anywhere you go. Meet real people, make friends, complete trades and build your collection with confidence using features like 9-for-9 trading and Trader Ratings to highlight your trading partner’s trustworthiness.
Classic Re-Releases: Only Topps brings you over 30 years of official-licensed Star Wars trading cards in new, high-definition digital format, from the vintage era to today. Haven’t collected cards in a while? Check out Topps’ state-of-the-art Parallax and Motion cards, innovations that could never have existed in cardboard!

Star Wars: Card Trader is available for free from the Google Play Store on Android. You can download it now via this link:

The app has been available from the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Thank you to Topps for the press release.

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