The official magazine for all things Star Wars is celebrating the big #150 with an issue full of special features, interviews, and retrospectives. Read all about it below:

Star Wars Insider celebrates its 150th issue!

This edition will be a must-have for every Star Wars fan in the galaxy, and comes with three LEGO® themed Star Wars™ covers to collect! This anniversary issue kicks things off with the first part of an exclusive look at the LEGO® Star Wars™ phenomenon from brick to videogame to TV smash hit!

Plus; an exclusive guide to the final episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and we catch-up with original editor, Dan Madsen, as he recalls how the Insider began, and highlight some of the best features and interviews from the entire run.

Issue highlights:

• 150 issues – We take a look back on 150 issues worth of great action!
• Star Wars Prequels – Rare images revealed!
• LEGO® Star Wars™- 15 things you never knew about LEGO® Star Wars™
• The Early years – Insiders original publisher on starting the magazine!
• The Clone Wars Lost Missions episode guide!
• Roger Christian – We got a special interview with the man who made the lightsabers!

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