Rogue One: Mission Briefing Trading Cards from Topps!

Rogue One: Mission Briefing Trading Cards from Topps!


Friday September 30th is finally here! Topps is ready to #GoRogue with the release of our newest trading card set Rogue One: Mission Briefing Trading Cards:

– This set includes autographs from across the saga including Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and 22 first-timers! Attached is the final autograph list.

– There are 110 base cards that feature storylines from the first 6 films related to the creation and destruction of The Death Star plus sneak peeks of the new film ‘Rogue One’

– There are 7 insert sets to collect:

• Character Stickers
• Heroes Of The Rebel Alliance
• Villains Of The Galactic Empire
• Montages
• Foil Character Cards
• The Death Star
• Comic Strips

– This set also features the first 5 of 15 Darth Vader continuity cards. The next 10 cards will appear in Rogue One Series 1 and Rogue One Series 2.

Check out the complete checklist and a selection of images in the gallery below:

Thank you to Topps.

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