The Road to Celebration, with One Week to Go, featuring Amy Ratcliffe (154)

The Road to Celebration, with One Week to Go, featuring Amy Ratcliffe (154)

Note: Our most sincere apologies for the audio during our conversation with Amy Ratcliffe. This is through no fault of Ms. Ratcliffe, and is completely due to an error in production; we hope you will bear with us, as Amy has some awesome things to say!

The Road to Celebration concludes as Coffee With Kenobi‘s Dan Z & Cory Clubb talk with Behind-The-Scenes Stage Host Amy Ratcliffe, as they give their Top Five panel recommendations. They also discuss the return of Hayden Christensen, look at the Celebration store exclusives, and provide a few essential reminders. With one week to go, Dan and Cory discuss:

Hayden Christensen returns to Celebration!

Celebration Panels: Choose your Top Five

Celebration Orlando Merchandise

Coffee With Kenobi on the Celebration Podcast Stage

Celebration Podcast Meetup

Join Dan Z and other Star Wars Bloggers on the Writer’s Panel at Celebration 

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  1. togetherinparis
    April 9, 2017 at 16:14 Reply

    Spielberg: “Here’s a weird one. O.B. Juan Kennobee!” He was coding voters into a contact list for the election, McGovern vs Nixon, 1972. We were McGovernites.

    Me: “O. B. Juan Kennobee, now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long, long time, since oh, before you were born!”

    Spielberg, dryly: “I’m older than you are.” (He looked 15, not 24.)

    Me: “Oh yes. Quite right. Quite right.”

    I provided the story skeleton for The Phantom Menace, II, and III, as well as Rogue One. For the life of me, I can’t fathom why I am not being treated as the valuable and indeed, crucial resource that I am.

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