Rebels Reactions: “Twin Suns”

Welcome back for another episode of Rebels Reactions!

This week, host Aaron Harris and guests Tyler Westhause and Melinda Wolf breakdown the most anticipated and talked about episode of Star Wars Rebels of all time, “Twin Suns”!

From Maul vs Kenobi, Maul’s influence on Ezra, to the Chosen One, it’s a discussion you don’t want to miss!

Plus we talk about your emails and the latest on the Rebels Prize Pack Giveaway!

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One thought on “Rebels Reactions: “Twin Suns””

  1. What a fun “Rebels Reactions”, Aaron. Thank you again for having me on this episode. Thank you, too, for putting up with all my tangents. 🙂

    After listening, I am going to rewatch “Twin Suns”. Having Tyler’s and your insights will give me a chance to see the story with fresh eyes, from a different point of view. 🙂

    Thank you, again! MTFBWY 🙂

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