Po-Zu Footwear Announces New Resistance Lo and Squadron Sneakers

Po-Zu Footwear Announces New Resistance Lo and Squadron Sneakers

BRAND NEW Star Wars™ | Po-Zu footwear announced today

The first SS18 styles have just been announced by Po-Zu today for their co-branded Star Wars™ l Po-Zu range: made with ORGANIC cotton, PINEAPPLE leaf-fibre & are VEGAN-friendly.

Building on the successful launch of the Star Wars l Po-Zu co-branded footwear collaboration in 2018, Po-Zu is delighted to go galactic with the launch of the Spring – Summer 2018 footwear collection for women & men.

The range expands with the addition of a vegan-friendly ‘RESISTANCE Lo’ low-cut organic cotton canvas sneaker with a metal Rebel Alliance badge at the ankle and the Po-Zu Foot Mattress™ that is so comfy they seduce.

Joining the sneaker range: the women’s SQUADRON slip-on, which features an elasticated top panel, metal Rebel Alliance badge and ribbed heel counter in metallic silver Pinatex with metallic linen, are lined with organic cotton and in tune with a huge VEGAN trend in footwear. Like a large amount of the full Star Wars | Po-Zu range, which includes other Vegan-friendly designs alongside traditional leather boots.

Sven, Founder of Po-Zu: “I was truly inspired by the Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the new characters – and love fusing sustainable materials into some of these timeless pieces. We’ve had such great feedback from the Star Wars community and fashion press so far and I’m thrilled to continue our galactic ride for the second season!”

View the latest styles here:

Thank you to Po-Zu for the press release and images.

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