Hey, There’s New Star Wars Tonight!!! Bring on Rebels!!!

CWK Logo 2How fortunate am I to be scheduled to post on the day NEW STAR WARS comes into our lives?!  The wait is finally over for Star Wars Rebels! I for one am very excited. I know that “always two there are” when it comes to sides of fences as well as the Force. Much like the Prequels I am happy to have new Star Wars in my life. Yes, I have a certain love for the PT that many don’t share (please refer to “fence” comment). Fine – Darth Maul, Fett and Clones, and Vader man…Vader. ‘Nuff said.  There, now I can get back to NEW STAR WARS!
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‘Star Wars Rebels’ Already Renewed for a Second Season!


It’s barely out of the gate, but Star Wars Rebels has already been renewed for a second season by Disney XD! Disney Channels Worldwide President and Chief Creative Officer Gary Marsh made the announcement today, just one day ahead of the October 3rd premiere of Star Wars: Spark of the Rebellion – the movie that introduces Rebels. Here is what Marsh had to say regarding this decision:

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Mark Hamill in Attendance as Carrie Fisher is Honored at Charity Gala

Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher were both in attendance at the Golden Heart Gala for The Midnight Mission at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills earlier this week. The Midnight Mission is a charity organization that renders aid to the homeless, and 2014 marks its 100th anniversary.

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Let Your Voice Be Heard in the ANOVOS Star Wars Product Survey!


The licensed costume and prop maker ANOVOS is looking to further develop their Star Wars product line through 2015, and they’d like your input. The products in question are part of their “soft-goods” (anything that doesn’t require armor) line. Since there is a restriction on how many costumes they can produce during the course of one year, they need to determine the area of greatest demand.  That’s where you come in!

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VANS Introduces its Star Wars Themed Holiday Collection


Take a Walk on the Dark Side – VANS to Release STAR WARS™ Themed Holiday Collection

Vans teams up with the Star Wars brand once again, this time exploring the dark side of the Force to introduce new designs inspired by villains from the original trilogy. Taking cues from the summer collection, the Vans x Star Wars holiday offering extends through Classics footwear to men’s apparel and accessories combining heritage Vans prints with Star Wars villains from around the galaxy.

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Melinda’s Brew : A Celebration Fit For Rebels [like us]!

Melinda's Brew

T — is for the tremendous honor it is to be part of the Coffee With Kenobi Family.

I — is for the immeasurable joy I feel whenever you stop by to read something I’ve written.

M — is for my musings you let me share with you.

E — is for the energy that fills me up when I read your thoughtful comments.

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Announcing the Third Annual ‘Star Wars Reads Day!’


From the youngest Stormtrooper to the wisest Jedi, this October 11th, artists, authors, educators, librarians, book retailers, and readers will join forces to celebrate the global phenomenon of Star Wars Reads Day!

Franchise Events Will Include Star Wars Rebels for the First Time

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Here’s a First Look at the Variant Cover for Star Wars #1 by Joe Quesada


This January will see the return of Star Wars comics to Marvel with the debut of Star Wars #1, and now we have our first look at the variant cover for that issue featuring artwork by Joe Quesada. Here is the word from the Official Site:

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A New Found Respect For Uncle Owen


It may not be known to a lot of CWK readers and listeners, but right after Star Wars Weekends ended, my personal life went crazy. Out of nowhere and in the blink of an eye, our happy family of 3 grew by one as we added a foster child to our numbers. For the purpose of this blog, we will call her Ahsoka. Our new lil padawan is only 2 and half years old and has greatly changed our lives. This wasn’t something we sought out, much less something we were ready for. Everything happened so fast too. From the time of the phone call asking us to take her to the time she moved in was only a couple of months. Now that there are 4 of us and there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day. Laundry doesn’t seem to ever be done, and potty training has reemerged as a dominating factor of my days again. Its created an extra stop in the morning to drop Ahsoka at the Jedi Academy preschool, another in the afternoon to pick her up. An extra bath time in the evening, and extra plate to set at meal time. This lil padawan has added a lot of work and at times stress into our lives.

Yet, as I sit here right now typing this with one hand as I’m holding her while she is coughing and running a fever, I would not want my life any other way. Even though Ahsoka’s arrival added a lot of complications and work into our lives, her arrival has added more good. She has added a lot of hugs, laughs and love into our lives, lives which we thought were pretty complete. Why am I telling this story you ask. It’s for this reason, through all the experiences of the past few months, I began to analyze my views on a lot of things. This time of analysis and self exploration let me to realize I have been too hard on one of the most crucial characters in the Star Wars Saga, Owen Lars.

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‘Star Wars Rebels: Spark of the Rebellion’ Now Available via Watch Disney XD


If you’re a verified user of Watch Disney XD, or if you have the Watch Disney XD app, you will be able to watch the premiere of Star Wars Rebels: Spark of the Rebellion on any enabled smartphone, tablet, or connected television. According to StarWars.com, the premiere was moved up to today – Friday, September 26 – allowing for a one-week preview of the episode before it formally debuts on October 3. Read more