Check Out CWK’s Dan and Cory on the Latest Skywalking Through Neverland Podcast!


CWK co-hosts Dan Z and Cory Clubb are the guests on the latest episode of the Skywalking Through Neverland podcast! The discussion covers Star Wars, Disney, and Star Wars in the Classroom. It’s a show you don’t want to miss! Find all the details below:

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Marvel’s “Princess Leia” #1 Has Sold More than 200,000 Copies So Far

("Princess Leia" No. 3/Marvel.)
Princess Leia #3

Ahead of its release in March, Marvel Comics has confirmed that pre-orders of the first issue of its five-issue Princess Leia mini-series has surpassed 200,000 copies, a significant milestone.

Marvel, which publishes ongoing monthlies Star Wars and Darth Vader told’s Lucas Siegel about the milestone, while the line’s editor, Jordan D. White, gave some hints and teases about what is going on and to come in the other titles, including Star Wars and Darth Vader and Kanan: The Last Padawan.
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Concerning Mortis and the Symbology of the Force


Within the films, Star Wars has given audiences the Force — the mysterious energy field that binds all living things together. Those who can tap into that energy field either serve benevolent purposes (the Jedi), or they embody the selfish and deleterious evil of the dark side (the Sith)…“The Mortis Trilogy,” from Season 3 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, is a story in which the anti-hero, Anakin Skywalker, may learn that maintaining the muddiness of the ethereal waters is essential to preventing the galaxy from ripping itself apart — rather than engaging in a sojourn of purification aligned with what the Jedi believe to be destined for the “Chosen One.”

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Felicity Jones to Star in First ‘Star Wars’ Standalone Movie


After a number of rumors over the last few weeks, it looks like the search for the female lead of the first Star Wars standalone movie has ended. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oscar-nominee Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything) has been chosen.

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TIE Ryder: Salt Lake Comic Con FanX 2015 Recap

Salt Lake Comiccon 2015

“Does anyone have a Coca-Cola?” Those were the first words from Carrie Fisher during her surprise spotlight panel at Salt Lake Comic Con Fax Xperience after she walked onto the stage to a standing ovation. The audience loved it, and if the rest of the fans were like me they expected someone who worked for the Salt Palace (where FanX is held) to bring her a Coke. But one of the fans was more prepared and brought an unopened can of Coke up to Ms. Fisher. To thank him she gave him a full hug and a kiss on the lips, and later thanked him for the “make-out kiss and the Coke”. Even Wookiees aren’t that lucky!

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Grand Moff Tarkin Returns in ‘Star Wars Rebels’


As the rebel threat to the Empire grows, Grand Moff Tarkin finds new ways to motivate his Imperial agents on Lothal in an all-new Star Wars Rebels episode “Call to Action!”


Grand Moff Tarkin arrives on Lothal to evaluate Aresko, Grint, Kallus and the Inquisitor over the increasing insurgent activity on the planet. When the rebels target the Imperial communications network to deliver a message to Lothal’s people, Kanan’s presence draws the attention of the Inquisitor.

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Darth T-Bone’s Sithly Vanilla Latte: These Wheels are on Fire!!!

CWK Logo 2I don’t think I’m the only Star Wars collector that has been aching for a great new line of die-cast. When you consider the Vintage die-cast mini vehicles, Micro Machines, all the way to the Titanium line, we’ve had some pretty good runs in die-cast.

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Star Wars Comes to Madame Tussauds!


Hey Star Wars fans! Do you live in the UK, or are you planning a trip to London this year? Well, you might want to add an item to your itinerary. The worlds and characters of Star Wars are coming to the famed Madame Tussauds, starting in May!

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Rebels Reactions: “Vision of Hope” (72)


Welcome to Rebels Reactions, where Coffee With Kenobi examines Star Wars: Rebels through a critical lens.  On today’s show, we will be discussing “Vision of Hope” the tenth episode in Season 1 with Joe Tovano of Retro Zap! and the podcast Brews and Blasters! We look at friendships, the impact of betrayal, and issues of trust and reliance, as well as more examination of Ezra’s Jedi training. This is the Podcast you’re looking for!

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Go Behind-the-Scenes With ‘Star Wars Rebels’ – Rebels Recon #11


Spoilers for Star Wars Rebels — “Vision of Hope”

In tonight’s episode of Star Wars Rebels, the Ghost crew met up with Senator Gall Trayvis when he arrived on Lothal to seek out and encourage those who would oppose the Empire. Trayvis had been an inspiration – to Hera and Ezra in particular – as they anxiously awaited each new transmission from the voice of hope. However, they rapidly found that things – and people – are not always what they seem.

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