Darth Vader #13

November offers a bounteous offering of Star Wars comics, with issues from all the major series, including the start of the massive Darth Vader-focused crossover, Vader Down, and long-awaited answers about Sana Solo, Han’s erstwhile spouse.


Darth Vader #12


Star Wars: Vader Down #1


Star Wars #12


Kanan #8


















The month begins with Darth Vader#12, out Nov. 4, that finds the Dark Lord of the Sith cornered. Yet, just like Baby, no one puts Darth Vader in a corner and lives. The $3.99 issue is written by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Salvador Larroca.

A week later, Nov. 11, finds three issues out, including the starting point for the six-part Star Wars: Vader Down, the much ballyhooed crossover between the Star Wars and Darth Vader series.

This issue, written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Mike Deodato, finds Vader facing off with the Rebels on his own.

After he crashes, the Rebel Alliance sees its opportunity to destroy the Empire’s No. 2, with Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie and more making their move.

The issue also features Aphra, the fan-favorite Vader contemporary. The 40-page one-shot is $4.99

In the pages of Star Wars #12, readers will finally find out the mystery about Sana Solo. Is she Han’s lawfully wedded wife? The 32-page issue retails for $3.99

Meanwhile, in third issue of Chewbacca by Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto, the walking carpet finds that RRRRrrrRAAAAHHHGHGGGG” and “Errf errrf errff AAAAANNNNG!”

The 32-page issue is $3.99.

On Nov. 18, part two of the Vader Down crossover is released in the pages of Darth Vader #13. In it, Vader finds himself in combat with the forces of the Rebel Alliance, but is it a fair fight?

In Kanan #8, writer Greg Weisman and artist Pepe Larraz shine a light on young Caleb Dume as he finds himself inside the Jedi Temple while it’s under attack!

And on Nov. 25, comics fans can pick up part three of the Vader Down crossover in the pages Star Wars #13, which sees Princess Leia coming face to face with true evil.


Chewbacca #4


Chewbacca #3


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