Marvel Star Wars Comics Review: Poe Dameron #21

Marvel Star Wars Comics Review: Poe Dameron #21

This review of Star Wars: Poe Dameron #21 contains minor spoilers.

Just going to put it all out there: Star Wars: Poe Dameron is the finest of the current crop of Marvel’s Star Wars comics.

It seamlessly threads events from the Prequel, Original and New Trilogies, while paying far more than homage to the characters that have come before it and may yet come again.

The latest issue, Poe Dameron #21, is a splendid example of this, focusing not on just Leia Organa, but the blood ties of her family, past, present and possibly future, too.

If that’s not enough, writer Charles Soule, artist Angel Unzueta, colorist Arif Prianto and letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna, combine for a riveting and fast-paced story that reads like a heist caper with just enough emotional context to make it solidly satisfying.

What really strikes me about this issue, beyond the lush artwork and attention to detail, is the exposition by Lor San Tekka in regard to the Kazerath device that prompted Tekka’s visit and ultimate incarceration.

His explanation for doing so at his “trial” is riveting. The notion that it could offer up detail “… in the grand history of the Force when light and dark were not in opposition, but united,” is a revelation that is likely to reverberate far beyond the pages of Poe Dameron and other Star Wars comics.

In short, it’s a game changer. One that I wasn’t expecting.

Now? I need more.

A lot more.

Poe Dameron #21 is in comic shops now, selling for $3.99, and on Comixology.

(For more detail and discussion, listen to Comics With Kenobi #37 in December.)

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