Marvel Star Wars Comics Review: Poe Dameron #20

Marvel Star Wars Comics Review: Poe Dameron #20

This review of Star Wars: Poe Dameron #20 contains minor spoilers.

Forgive Black Squadron its foibles and internal relationships, rocky and romantic.

This is a cohesive unit with its collective eyes on the prize of smiting the First Order and, at the very least, ensuring the survival of what has quickly become a very unstable and uncertain Resistance.

Writer Charles Dameron and artist Angel Unzueta, along with colorist Arif Prianto and letter VC’s Joe Caramagna, propel readers along a new story arc, “Legend Found,” that guides the series closer to the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and gives us a look at Lor San Tekka in action.

The issue also provides a nuanced look at the emotions and bonds that unite and divide the members of Black Squadron, focusing on the relationship that Snap and Kare share, and whether, given the daily risk of death, that is worth preserving.

It’s a profound discussion for the medium, but one that is worth exploring as the arc moves forward. (The issue makes that clear, given the prominence of Lor San Tekka, Poe Dameron and Gen. Lea Organa on the cover by Phil Noto.)

Emotional ties are what make fighting for truth worthwhile. To do otherwise is to embrace the Jedi way of no attachments. Snap’s not board on the latter.

We’re also afforded, in a comedic manner, the tension that exists between Resistance astro mechs and Jess. She’s known as “the Destroyer” for good reason and her efforts to mend fences won’t come as fast as she hopes.

Cementing the comedy? BB-8’s thumbs-up may not be what so many have thought. In fact, upon reading this, Comics With Kenobi co-host Jeff McGee was heard to exclaim: “VINDICATION! I WAS RIGHT!

From a wider vantage point, the creative team — guided by the steady hands of editors Heather Antos and Jordan D. White — give readers a front-row seat to the importance of Black Squadron, its members and its goals, namely aiding Gen. Leia Organa in finding Lor San Tekka — now manacled in a Cato Neimoidia jail cell — and, ultimately, Luke Skywalker.

It’s a superb start to what will undoubtedly prove to be a wild ride.

Definitely a thumbs up with fire.

Poe Dameron #20 is in comic shops now, selling for $3.99, and on Comixology.

(For more detail and discussion, listen to Comics With Kenobi #36, due out Nov. 2.)

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