Marvel Star Wars Comics Review: Poe Dameron #19

Marvel Star Wars Comics Review: Poe Dameron #19

This review of Star Wars: Poe Dameron #19 contains minor spoilers.

Marvel’s Poe Dameron monthly is flying just as high and nimble as its namesake pilot.

From Charle Soule’s storytelling, Angel Unzueta’s art, Arif Prianto’s colors, VC’s Joe Caramagna’s letters, Phil Noto’s covers and the steady hands of editors Heather Antos and Jordan D. White, this book is firing on all cylinders, offering up compelling characters, deeply riveting plots and excitement akin to watching a Star Wars film in the cinema.

The concluding arc of “War Stories” is no exception.

This issue provides a deftly satisfying conclusion to the exploration of Suralinda Javos and Oddy Muva, as well as laying down hints about Terex’s future, within and without the First Order.

At the risk of touching on some spoilers, what the team behind this series has given readers with regard to Oddy Muva is downright devastating yet, not surprisingly, hopeful, too. He’s a character that’s been with this series since its debut, albeit in a flashback in the first issue before taking root in issue 8.

Since then, we’ve learned a great deal about this Abednedo — his dreams, his desires, his fierce loyalties to friends and family — and been surprised and shocked along the way.

There was a bit of both in this issue, too, in a good way though and it left a sense of satisfaction with his character.

Similarly, this issue added more detail about Black Squadron’s close bonds and how solid they stay, even amidst severe pressure and emotional turmoil.

There’s some surprises to be had, that’s no lie, but they are ones that help propel this series ever forward, ever onward and ever upward.

Poe Dameron #19 is in comic shops now, selling for $3.99, and on Comixology.

(For more detail and discussion, listen to Comics With Kenobi #35, due out Oct. 3.)

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