Marvel Star Wars Comics Review: Doctor Aphra #15

Marvel Star Wars Comics Review: Doctor Aphra #15

This review of Doctor Aphra #15 contains minor spoilers.

Turns out those weren’t the droids Chelli Aphra was looking for, but they were looking for her.

Doctor Aphra is in the thrall of BT-1 and Triple-Zero and it’s gnawing at her sensibilities, given the complete 180-degree turn in regard to the power dynamic.

Still, for the rogue archeologist for whom conscience has fast become more than a fleeting voice on the wind, part II of the “Remastered” arc is putting her namesake comic back in the stratosphere in terms of adventure, aliens and action.

Co-written by Kieron Gillen and Si Spurrier, drawn by Emilio Laiso, colored by Rachelle Rosenberg, lettered by VC’s Joe Caramagna and edited by Heather Antos and Jordan D. White, the 15th issue draws forth the energy of the prior issue, propelling the story forward in new ways.

Part of that centers around the tango between Aphra and Imperial Lt. Magna Tolvan, two women diametrically in opposition to each other, yet sharing a bond that’s not just attraction.

There’s also the matter of the subjugation Aphra must endure by the droids, too, something that grates but with clear leverage — who wants to attract Darth Vader’s attention — provides a juicy subplot and narrative dichotomy that helps this story sparkle.

It also continues the notable legacy of referring to previous events, notably the Prequel Trilogy, given the mission to find, and exploit, dead Techno Union head Wat Tambor’s personal workshop.

Doctor Aphra is all about choices: Life and death, good and bad, right and wrong, but the only choice is to read it.

Doctor Aphra #15 is in comic shops now, selling for $3.99, and on Comixology.

(For more detail and discussion, tune into the next episode of Comics With Kenobi.)

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