Marvel Star Wars Comics Review: Darth Vader #6

Marvel Star Wars Comics Review: Darth Vader #6

This review of Star Wars: Darth Vader #6 contains minor spoilers.

Pity poor Darth Vader, still a victim to the poor choices he made and pupil to a mentor who’d just as soon kill him as maliciously smile at him.

On second thought, spare no pity for poor Darth Vader.

He’s in a purgatory of his own volition, a hell in a machine shell that his lack of foresight and inability to keep emotion at bay has wrought.

Such is the predicament that writer Charles Soule, penciller Giuseppe Camuncoli, inker Cam Smith, colorist David Curiel and letter VC’s Joe Caramagna have placed the Jedi formerly known as Anakin in and there’s no hope he’ll ever get out of it.

Which is good, just even, given the concluding chapter of “The Chosen One” has Darth Vader triumphant and then subservient despite having completed his task of acquiring the weapon of a Sith.

Yet it’s the promise of conflict, not compromise, that drives Darth Vader #6, given the appearance of the Inquisitorius and some juicy nuggets as to its origin from the days of the Republic when the Jedi were not yet hunted down.

This issue is a fine bridge between the post Prequel-Trilogy era to Star Wars Rebels, and the Inquisitors are unveiled in a way that has form and function, as well as heft, too.

It’s pleasing to see Vader being given real responsibility, a chance to put his imprint on not just the Sith and the Empire, but himself, too.

Whether he and his Inquisitors can pass their first test? That remains to be seen, if the final page is in any indication.

Darth Vader #6 is in comic shops now, selling for $3.99, and on Comixology.

(For more detail and discussion, listen to Comics With Kenobi #36, due out Nov. 2.)

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