Marvel Star Wars Comics Coming in May: Sana Starros, Lando and Tag & Bink

Marvel Star Wars Comics Coming in May: Sana Starros, Lando and Tag & Bink

Marvel’s May solicits are out and there’s a bit more detail as the publisher joins the Solo: A Star Wars Story bonanza with the already annnounced Lando: Double or Nothing five-issue mini series, along with a reprint collecting the adventures of bumbling Imperials Tag and Bink. Also coming is a tale of Sana Starros and Luke Skywalker.

That’s in addition monthly series Star Wars, Doctor Aphra and Poe Dameron, and mini series adapting Thrawn and The Last Jedi.

The Last Jedi #1

Star Wars #47

Out May 2 is Star Wars 47 and the first issue of Star Wars: The Last Jedi mini series, which is adapting the film. The final order cutoff for both titles is April 9.

In Star Wars 47, by Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca, with covers by David Marquez, Rod Reis and John Tyler Christopher, “The Rebellion’s fight to liberate Mon Cala continues! While Han, Luke and Leia undertake a perilous and nigh-impossible rescue, Threepio must keep up his vital mission … of hobnobbing at the opera?” The 32-page issue is $3.99.

The Last Jedi adaptation is written by Gary Whitta, with art by Michael Walsh. The 40-page first issue will sell for $4.99 and has covers by Mike Del Mundo and Joe Quesada, as well as a movie variant.

Thrawn #4

Darth Vader #16

May 9 sees the release of Darth Vader 16 and Star Wars: Thrawn 4. The FOC for both titles is April 16.

Darth Vader 16, by Charles Soule and artist Giuseppe Camuncoli, has covers by Camuncoli and Elia Bonetti, as well as a Galactic Icons variant by Rod Reis. It’s 32 pages and will sell for $3.99. The adventures on Mon Cala continue in the book as “Vader and his Inquisitors lead an elite squad of clone troopers to flush out the Jedi traitor beneath the waters of Mon Cala…and the oceans will burn with their fury.”

Writer Jody Houser and artist Luke Ross continue their well-received adaptation of Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn as the rise of the grand admiral continues. Paul Renaud illustrates the cover of the 32-page, $3.99 issue, while Caspar Wijngaard is doing a variant. “Thrawn’s rise in the Imperial Empire continues at a trajectory one can only dream of. Meanwhile, Eli Vanto is still stuck in the same position as when he graduated – Thrawn’s aide. But will Thrawn’s obsession and pursuit of the mysterious crimelord ‘Nightswan’ lead both Imperials to success in the Emperor’s eyes? Help comes from mysterious places in the Empire.”

The Last Jedi #1

Poe Dameron #27

Poe Dameron 27 and Star Wars: The Last Jedi 2 are released on May 16, and both have an FOC of April 23. 

Writer Charles Soule and artist Angel Unzueta take Poe Dameron 27 deeper into the unseen events of The Force Awakens. The cover for the 32-page, $3.99 issue is by Phil Noto, with Poe regaling Finn and Rey with tales of his adventures.

“Poe Dameron managed to escape the First Order – but only just!” the synopsis reads. “Meanwhile, the rest of Black Squadron is on their most daring mission yet. Follow everyone’s favorite Resistance crew as Poe Dameron tells Rey and Finn his adventures during the events of The Force Awakens! “

Like the first issue, The Last Jedi 2 is written by Gary Whitta and illustrated by Michael Walsh. It features covers by Walsh and Kamome Shiraha. It’s 32 pages and will sell for $3.99

Star Wars #48

Doctor Aphra #20

Star Wars Annual #4

May 23 features three titles, including Star Wars 48, Star Wars Annual 4 and Doctor Aphra 20. The FOC for those is April 30.

Sana Starros and Luke Skywalker team up in Star Wars Annual 4 in a story written by Cullen Bunn, with art from Marc Laming, Roland Boschi and Ario Anindito, and two different covers by Tradd Moore and Kevin Wada. The 40-page issue is $4.99. The synposis? “Strap in, racing fans — we’re going podracing! Bring your betting money, because this is going to be a high-stakes race, with rebel Luke Skywalker, smuggler Sana Starros and even a certain Dark Lord in attendance! PLACE YOUR BETS!”

In Doctor Aphra 20, writer Si Spurrier and artist Kev Walker continue the archeologist’s misadventures with a new story arc, “Broken Inside.” The 32-page comic sells for $3.99 and features a cover by Ashley M. Witter and a Galactic Icons variant by Rod Reis.

“Aphra is behind bars. Again. But this time, she finds herself in Imperial custody, strapped to an explosive transmitter synced to a single hub-droid. Take one step too far? KABLOOEY! Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue to sit still for Aphra – but what happens when her Imperial captors send her hub-droid to the middle of a war zone? And, uh, what’s this rumor about the prison being haunted?”

In Star Wars 48, the Rebellion fights to liberate Mon Cala. The 32-page $3.99 issues sports covers by David Marquez and an action-figure variant by John Tyler Christopher.

Lando — Double or Nothing #1

Out May 30 is Star Wars: Lando — Double or Nothing. FOC for this mini series is May 7.

As we detailed last week, the 32-page $3.99 issue of Lando is written by Rodney Barnes with art by Paolo Villanelli. Along with the cover by W. Scott Forbes, it will also feature variants by Joe Quinones, an action-figure cover by John Tyler Christopher and a pair of film-variant covers, too.

The official synopsis: “Straight from the frames of the highly-anticipated film Solo: A Star Wars Story swaggers a younger and somehow even cockier Lando Calrissian! Before his days in the Rebellion, before he ran Cloud City, even before he lost the Millenium Falcon, comes this tale of Lando’s adventures and misadventures in search of love and money leading right up to his appearance in Solo!”

Tag & Bink

As part of the Solo: A Star Wars Story bonanza, Marvel is reprinting the various Dark Horse issues starring Tag and Bink, both of whom are appearing in the film.

As for other editions, the 104-page $7.99 comic features Star Wars: Tag & Bink Are Dead 1-2, Star Wars: Tag & Bink II issues 1-2 and material from Star Wars Tales 12. Kevin Rubio is the writer, art is by Lucas Marangon and Rick Zombo, with the cover by Marangon. FOC for the book is April 9.

Doctor Aphra HC

Doctor Aphra is getting a hardcover collection. Featuring a cover by Kamome Shirahama, the 272-page book collects issues 1-8 of her namesake series, along with The Screaming Citadel one shot and issues 31-32 of Star Wars. Creatives include writers Kieron Gillen and Jason Aaron, as well as artists Kev Walker, Marco Checchetto, Salvador Larroca and Andrea Broccardo. Retail cost is $34.99, but no final order cutoff or actual on-sale date was released.

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