May’s Star Wars comics features Leia, Luke and Han in a series of adventures, along with the mystery woman whose appearance in previews of the first issue of Princess Leia sparked speculation that she could be the character Winter (she’s not) on the cover of the mini-series’ penultimate issue. Meanwhile, Darth Vader confronts a growing mystery — and likely threat — as he faces off against not one, but at least two lightsabers, while Jedi Padawan Caleb Dume strives to keep himself alive and unseen in an Empire that wants him and his ilk dead and gone.

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In issue No. 4 of the Mark Waid-written and Terry and Rachel Dodson-illustrated Princess Leia, the Empire continues to round up the surviving fugitives of Alderaan, a move that Leia isn’t cottoning to. That issue is on comic book shop shelves May 27.

Meanwhile, Darth Vader continues his efforts to find out more about the unknown — to him at least — servants of Emperor Palpatine. The Kieron Gillen-written and Salvador Larroca-illustrated fifth issue, on sale May 13, finds that what Vader may want know, others aren’t so keen on letting him find out. The issue sports a variant cover by Larroca, but it’s the Adi Granov cover that will have Vader fans atwitter: Who, or whom, are wielding the two lightsabers Vader must face?

In issue #5 of Star Wars, penned by Jason Aaron and illustrated by John Cassady, Luke Skywalker is trying to learn more about Ben Kenobi even as Leia brings Han on a mission crucial to the survival of the Rebel Alliance. Alas, has Marvel points out, “they both run into some unfriendly encounters.” The issue is on shelves May 20.

Finally, in the second issue of Kanan — The Last Padawan, written by Greg Weisman, drawn by Pepe Larraz and out on May 6, Caleb Dume finds himself alone in a galaxy where the Jedi are all but extinct in the immediate aftermath of Order 66. The issue sports a cover by Mark Brooks and features two variant covers — a Rebels TV version and a CGI character cover.

All four comics — edited by Jordan D. White — are 32 pages, $3.99 apiece and can be found in comic shops.

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