Make a Gift Donation to Starlight Children’s Foundation this Holiday Season

Are you looking to do something truly meaningful this Christmas? Donating to Starlight Children’s Foundation on behalf of someone on your holiday gift list is a great way to start! Starlight seeks to help hospitalized kids by providing them with Starlight Brave gowns, many featuring their favorite Star Wars characters or superheroes. There’s no greater gift than making a child smile!

Find out more below:

1. Donate to Starlight Children’s Foundation as your holiday gift to a colleague, friend, or loved one. For $25, a kid stuck in the hospital will get one of our revolutionary Starlight Brave Gowns — a soft, breathable, fun alternative to old-fashioned hospital garments.

2. If you want to let someone know you made a donation in their name, we’ll send you a link to download a lovely card you can print out and give or email to them.

3. Know that you and the recipient of your heartfelt gift are celebrating the holidays in a truly wonderful way — bringing joy and comfort to hospitalized children and their families.

Give the perfect gift this holiday season AND help a sick child feel better.

Make a gift donation now.

Thank you for helping hospitalized kids as part of your holiday celebrations.

Thank you to Starlight Children’s Foundation.

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