Shattered Empire #3

October is coming in fast, like an A-Wing careening toward the bridge of the Executor in Return of the Jedi, delivering an explosive number of Star Wars comics, stories and collections as the buildup to The Force Awakens picks up pace.

The first series on sale Oct. 7 is the third issue of Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens — Shattered Empire, which concludes later that month with issue four.

In both, writer Greg Rucka and artist Marco Checchetto conclude the first new-canon comic story that’s set between the events of Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, showing how Rebel Alliance heroes are fighting for a brighter future amid the crumbling empire. Issue 4 is on sale Oct. 21.

Both issues will sell for $3.99 and feature movie photo variant covers and a second variant cover by artists not yet determined.


Chewbacca #2

October is also the debut of Chewbacca, the five-issue mini-series announced at San Diego Comic-Con being written by Gerry Duggan and drawn by Phil Noto. Issues 1 and 2 are being released that month, and there will be at least seven variant covers from artists such as Gabriele Dell’Otto, Ariel Olivetti, Alex Ross and Skottie Young.

The first issue is out Oct. 14 and sees Chewie meeting up with Zarro, a feisty young girl on a planet occupied by Imperials, after his ship crashes. The story is set just after the Battle of Yavin. The second issue is out Oct. 28. It, too, retails, for $3.99.

In the pages of Kanan, writer Greg Weisman and Pepe Larraz jump backward into the rogue’s past to tell the story of his first full-fledged adventure as Jedi Padawan Caleb Dume amid the Clone Wars. The 32-page, $3.99 issue is on shelves Oct. 28.


Star Wars #11


Kanan #7

In Marvel’s flagship Star Wars series, issue 11 finds Chewbacca unleashed, Luke in chains and Han Solo with a ball and chain. Seriously. The 32-page issue written by Jason Aaron is out Oct. 21 and features an action figure variant cover by John Tyler Christopher and sketch variant cover by series artist Stuart Immonen. Of interesting note is the cover featuring bounty hunter Dengar.

With The Force Awakens nearing its December release, Marvel will release the collected issues of Star Wars: Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens — Shattered Empire, collecting the four-issue mini-serie written by Greg Rucka and drawn by Marco Checchetto, along with the first issue of 1977’s Star Wars series and the first issue of the 2015 mini-series Princess Leia. The 136-page trade paperback will retail for $16.99


Fans of Kanan: The Last Padawan will be able to get the collected edition of the series’ first six issues on Nov. 4, when the 136-page trade paperback is released for $17.99.

For completists and collectors, Marvel is releasing the second volume of its Star Wars Legends Epic Collection. Written by Randy Stradley and illustrated by Dave Ross and Douglas Wheatley, the 440-page, $39.99 trade paperback STWEMPEPICV02TPB_coverfeatures the Empire firming its hold in the aftermath of the Revenge of the Sith, with those Jedi not already murdered marked for death.

One, Jedi Master K’kruh faces a fight for his life, which parallels the travails of Bomo Breenbark and the crew of the smuggling ship Uhumele. At the same time, Jedi Master Dass Jennir is out of cash and out of choices as he faces the real-world challenge of holding true to his ideals or starving. Not helping is the fact Darth Vader is on his trail, as is the bounty hunter Falco Sang. The collection of comics originally published by Dark Horse Comics includes Star Wars: Dark Times Nos. 6-17, Star Wars: Dark Times — Blue Harvest and Star Wars: Dark Times — Out of the Wilderness, Nos. 1-5. It’s on sale starting Oct. 21.

STWJEDIOGNHCAlso being released is the four-issue adaptation of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, originally published in 1983.

It’s written by Archie Goodwin and penciled by Al Williamson and features a sharper look at the original adapatation.

At 113 pages, the hardcover will retail for $34.99 when it’s released on Nov. 11, sporting a cover by Adi Granov.




Matt Moore has been perpetrating journalism since 1985, reveling in Star Wars since 1977 and reading comics since 1974.

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