IDW Star Wars Comics Review: Star Wars Adventures #3

IDW Star Wars Comics Review: Star Wars Adventures #3

This review of Star Wars Adventures #3 contains minor spoilers.

With the third issue, IDW Publishing has cemented Star Wars Adventures as true all-ages title.

There’s great storytelling and visuals in this issue with the main feature a kid-friendly romp focused on The Force Awaken’s Finn and his effort to curtail a purple pest from planetside that caused my kids — and myself — to laugh aloud.

For adults? Plenty of subtle nods to the relationship dynamic between Kylo Ren, Gen. Hux and Capt. Phasma, too.

Writer Landry Q. Walker has spun a superbly funny, yet thought-provoking tale and the art from Eric Jones is whimsical without devolving into sugary cliche. A nod to letter Tom B. Long is in order, too, with his work propelling the action forward.

The back up, co-written by Alan Tudyk and Shannon Eric Denton, illustrated by Arianna Florean, colored by Monica Kubina and lettered by Christa Miesner and Long, is a quick-hit tale featuring Tudyk’s Rogue One character, K-2SO, along with Cassian Endor and three young and irrascible wookiees.

It centers around adventures in wookiee sitting and is a pure delight. This one is aimed right at a younger audience, but its core message resonates no matter your age.

IDW is doing right by this title. That’s due, in part, to the guiding hands of assistant editor Peter ADrian Behravesh and editors Bobby Curnow and Denton J. Tipton.

Do add this one to the pull list.

Star Wars Adventures #3 is in comic shops now, selling for $3.99, and on Comixology.

(For more detail and discussion, listen to the Comics With Kenobi: Young Padawans Edition podcast.)

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