IDW Star Wars Comics Review: Star Wars Adventures #2

IDW Star Wars Comics Review: Star Wars Adventures #2

This review of Star Wars Adventures #2 contains minor spoilers.

There’s no sophomore slump for IDW Publishing’s Star Wars Adventures #2.

In fact, the second outing in two weeks for the new series is just as good as the debut issue, proving without doubt that an all-ages Star Wars comic is not just viable, but vivacious.

Issue two, like the first, sports a main story and a backup tale from Wild Space. Both are equally charming, splendidly paced and adroitly written and illustrated.

This issue also marks a milestone, too, with artist Elsa Charretier making her comics writing debut, co-scripting the Tales From Wild Space backup “The Flat Mountain of Yavin” with Pierrick Colinet.

In the first story, “Better the Devil You Know, Part 2,” written by Cavan Scott, illustrated by Derek Charm and lettered by Tom B. Long, Rey embraces the angel of her better nature by deciding to rescue Unkar Plutt, despite his  cantankerous ways, snide attitude and generally unpleasant demeanor.

More importantly, Scott, Charm and Long give readers a rollicking adventure featuring subterfuge, ingenuity and daring, assets that have made Rey such a key component to Star Wars stories.

It’s a solid conclusion to the two-issue story arc and the perfect way to keep this new series on solid footing, too.

As for the backup feature, Tales From Wild Space? Two issues in and it’s fast becoming my favorite. Star Wars Adventures is, at its core, a variety book: Different stories, different characters, different eras.

The Tales From Wild Space backup amplifies that notion louder than a Krayt dragon.

Written by Charretier and Colinet, this story zeroes in on Evaan Verlaine, an intriguing and — save for her role in Marvel’s 2015 Star Wars: Princess Leia mini series — vastly underused character.

At least until Charretier and Colinet’s work. Like the previous issue, the story begins aboard The Star Herald with Emil imparting some wisdom to Crater how small notions can yield immense results.

From there, readers are taken to Yavin 4 just after the Death Star’s destruction. A Star Destroyer is descending and the Rebels, including Princess Leia are evacuating. Evaan and a band of her cohorts has infiltrated the massive ship and are trying to override its controls and stop it from lighting up the moon.

Amid the clamor of debate, Evaan’s voice is ignored but she proves that deeds, not words, are what make legends.

Suffice it to say, it’s a satisfying story and Charretier’s art, along with Long’s lettering, is perfectly suited to such a story. This is one to be long remembered and here’s hoping this creative teams brings more stories about Verlaine to not just this series, but perhaps her own adventures, too.

Star Wars Adventures #2 is in comic shops, selling for $3.99, and on Comixology.

(For more detail and discussion, listen to Comics With Kenobi #35, due out Oct. 3.)

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