IDW Publishing Star Wars Comics Review: Star Wars: Forces of Destiny — Ahsoka & Padme

IDW Publishing Star Wars Comics Review: Star Wars: Forces of Destiny — Ahsoka & Padme

This review of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny — Ahsoka & Padme contains minor spoilers.

The Forces of Destiny comics could have taken the easy way and merely adapted the animated shorts that inspired this five-issue run from IDW Publishing.

Instead, they’ve focused on expanding some of those shorts and the comics medium has been the perfect avenue for doing so.

The latest issue, Star Wars: Forces of Destiny — Ahsoka & Padme, does this well, taking what we saw in the video but enveloping it with more threads, letting writer Beth Revis weave a tale that includes Barriss Offee in a way that advances not just that character, but Ahsoka and Padme, too.

In doing so, readers learn more about Offee, her training style and, to an extent, how training philosophies differ from master to master and padawan to padawan.

This segues into the events of the video, with Padme seeking Ahsoka’s help ahead of a crucial supper with Arthurian delegates. It’s a chance for Ahsoka to implement her discussion with Offee and to learn a real-world lesson.

The story unfolds akin to its inspiring animation, but it’s Valentina Pinto’s illustrations which convey the atmosphere, deftly detailing the action and conflict with the shape-changing assassin. Pinto’s lines are concise and her colors are bright and airy, yet dense and compact when needed. The sound effects and letters from Tom B. Long are never over the top and blend seamlessly into the narrative.

It’s a solid addition to the series and its message of reliance — on yourself and others — as well as expanding your horizons to better learn, is a worthy one.

Forces of Destiny — Ahsoka & Padme is in comic shops now, selling for $3.99, and on Comixology.

(For more detail and discussion, tune in to the next episode of Comics With Kenobi.)

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