This review of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny — Rey contains minor spoilers.

After a banner debut for its Forces of Destiny mini series, IDW’s sophomore offering builds on the series’ successful debut.

Jody Houser, who penned the devastatingly good Rogue One: A Star Wars Story for Marvel, has delivered a solidly executed and briskly paced story that zeroes in on Rey, expanding her inner nature and inherent kindness, while showcasing her good heart and sense of duty to all creatures great and small and flesh and mechanical.

Add to that the supremely satisfying art by Arianna Florean and the deft work by colorist Adele Matera — what a dynamic duo — and this is a solidly placed story that, while familiar, given its roots in the first two episodes of the Forces of Destiny shorts, builds upon those to pitch Rey’s inner nature forward. This issue is not so much an adapation of those two episodes, but rather a coda to what originally aired on YouTube in 2017.

And that’s what this issue does, well. Having read this, I have a better understanding of Rey’s past, her present and her future, too. The message is clear and crystal: Be kind, be faithful and be dedicated.

That’s something that’s missing in a lot of ways, but never in Star Wars. Houser’s dialogue carries a worldly air about it, due in part to letter Tom B. Long’s diligent work, but the overarching message that I took away is that no matter a person’s past, no matter how heart wrenching it may be, it’s no excuse to avoid a heartwarming attitude.

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny — Rey is in comic shops, selling for $3.99, and on Comixology.

(For more detail and discussion, tune into the next episode of Comics With Kenobi.)

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