Google Play Launches #ChangeTheGame Initiative to Encourage Diversity in Mobile Gaming

Today Google Play launched the ‘Change the Game’ initiative designed to encourage diversity in mobile gaming. Going against established stereotypes, a study conducted by Google has found that more than half the mobile game players in the US are women between 10-65 years of age. It also found that women often play mobile games more than their male counterparts — that would include Star Wars games!

The overall goal of the ‘Change the Game’ initiative is to promote diversity in mobile gaming, celebrate the women who play, and encourage creativity in the next generation of game developers.

To that end, Google Play has unveiled:

  • An interactive experience shining light on the relationship between women and mobile games in the US

  • An anthem video [watch below] celebrating the diversity of women who play mobile games and inviting all women to be part of the game

  • A collection highlighting games with great female protagonists on Google Play’s Indie corner

You can learn more about Google’s research and initiatives at

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