Full List of Artists Announced for Star Wars Celebration 2015

Full List of Artists Announced for Star Wars Celebration 2015

Celebration Anaheim Poster

Big news from today!  The final list of artists appearing at Celebration in Anaheim has been released – and it’s an impressive list indeed!  The judges certainly had their work cut out for them.  Read all about it below:

For this Star Wars Celebration, coming April 16-19 to the Anaheim Convention Center, the competition to be a part of the Celebration Art Show was fierce. Talented Star Wars artists — many more than for any previous Celebration — sent in original concepts for consideration. In order to be in competition for the show, the artists must have already created Star Wars work for Lucasfilm or for a Lucasfilm licensee. Each was well-established in the Star Wars art world, but to keep the Art Show at Celebration within reasonable numbers, we had to select a much smaller number than applied.

To answer the challenge of selecting a limited number of artists from a large, capable field, Lucasfilm’s Celebration team brought together an A-list of Lucasfilm talent to do the judging.

From Industrial Light & Magic Art Department:

John Bell — Sr. VFX Art Director
Alex Jeager — Sr. VFX Art Director
Christian Alzmann — r. VFX Art Director
Aaron McBride — Sr. VFX Art Director
David Nakabayashi — Creative Director
From Lucasfilm Animation:

Kilian Plunkett — Art Director
Amy Beth Christianson — Sr. Concept Artist
From Disney Consumer Products:

Troy Alders — Art Director
From Disney Interactive:

Hez Chorba — Creative Director
Shereen Von Trapp — Graphic Designer
We rounded out the list of judges with experts in Star Wars characters and continuity, like Pablo Hidalgo, Leland Chee, Pete Vilmur, and Brian Merten. Concepts were identified by number, so our judges made their selections based on the concepts alone, without knowing the names of the artists.

Congratulations to These Celebration Art Show Artists!

Steve Anderson
Drew Baker
Lin Zy Busch
Matt Busch
Jeff Carlisle
Jason Christman
Jeff Confer
Katie Cook
Joe Corroney
Doug Cowan
Mark Daniels
Chris Dee
Terry Dodson
Grant Gould
Karen Hallion
Scott Harben
Stephen Hayford
Jessica Hickman
Adam Hughes
Brandon Kenney
Brian Kesinger
Lee Kohse
Ken Lashley
Erik Maell
Randy Martinez
Brian Miller
Jake Murray
William O’Neill
Jason Palmer
Brian Rood
Alex Ross
Tsuneo Sanda
Cat Staggs
Shea Standefer
Chris Trevas
Malcom Tween
Jerry Vanderstelt
Russell Walks
Marc Wolfe
Brent Woodside
Look for these artists, and for their work created exclusively for Star Wars Celebration, in the Art Show presented by ACME Archives, and in their own booths on the Celebration Experience Show Floor. First looks of their artwork for the show will be posted on and starting in February.

Here is a full size view of the official poster by artist Craig Drake.


Here’s a bit about the artist, from the Official Site:

Originally from Detroit, Craig moved to San Francisco in 1998 to work as an animation and freelance designer, later moving on to Electronic Arts. He started working for Lucasfilm in 2006 where he created his first limited-edition Princess Leia print. Since then, he has participated in numerous poster art shows with Mondo, Hero Complex Gallery, Gauntlet Gallery, and LTD Gallery. He continues to produce illustrations for Lucasfilm.

Be sure to check out for all the latest news and be sure to follow on Twitter @SW_Celebration.

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