‘Free Star Wars Galaxies’ Petition Needs Your Support!

‘Free Star Wars Galaxies’ Petition Needs Your Support!


Were you one of the many gaming fans that enjoyed playing Star Wars Galaxies before it came to an unfortunate end in 2011? If you could help bring the game to life again, would you jump at that chance? Well, here is your opportunity to take action.

An online petition has been launched with the aim of showing The Walt Disney Company and Daybreak Games that interest in Star Wars Galaxies has not waned, and there are fans out there who would love to be able to play the game again.

From Ash Holley, creator of the petition:

Star Wars Galaxies was a Star Wars themed MMORPG for PC which Launched in 2003 and unfortunately closed in December 2011. Many members of the loyal fan base wish to revive the game. It is dearly missed by the online gaming community. We would like Disney/Daybreak to give us permission to emulate SWG/give us full source code so we can relive our Star Wars adventure. Disney, you are our only hope.

You can make your voice heard by signing the Free Star Wars Galaxies petition right here.

Follow along on Twitter @SWGFree and be sure like their page on Facebook.

Thanks to Ash Holley for bringing this to our attention.

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