Ewan McGregor would love to be in the new Star Wars movie – but he doubts it will happen. At 42 years old, Ewan thinks he’s probably too young, and that – if Obi-Wan does indeed make an appearance in Episode VII – J.J. Abrams would be looking for someone closer to the age Alec Guinness was when he first donned the Jedi robes.

It only makes sense, since Obi-Wan would most likely appear as a Force ghost… and he didn’t have the benefit of becoming younger after he passed on – à la Hayden Christensen. However, there are still some reports stating that Ewan would be back as Obi-Wan’s Force ghost for Episode VII. Until Disney confirms or denies, it’s anyone’s guess at this point. Although, what Ewan says seems to make the most sense. What say you?

Read more about what Ewan had to say here.

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