Don’t Miss Show #42 of Radio 1138 from Jedi News!

Don’t Miss Show #42 of Radio 1138 from Jedi News!


It’s April and The Force Awakens has finally come home. To celebrate this momentous occasion we chat with some of the skilled hands behind The Force Awakens magnificent alien menagerie. We speak with creature puppeteer Dilu Miah and HURID-327 operator Katy Kartwheel as well as bringing you the latest news including Team Jedi News and Steve Glosson discussing the amazing Blu-ray extras. So grab a handful of cookies and a glass of moof milk, sit down and devour episode 42 of RADIO 1138. You can contact us on Skype at or call us direct on 01444 39 1138 with your comments, views and opinions and be a part of the show.

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