CWK Show #117: Denny’s Solo Event in Hollywood, CA and Secrets of the Empire (210)

CWK Show #117: Denny’s Solo Event in Hollywood, CA and Secrets of the Empire (210)

Dan Z is joined by Jason Brame and Mike Hill as they explain the card game, Star Wars Destiny, and catch up on canon updates. Tom shares news and Dan Z shares highlights from his trip to Hollywood and the Denny’s SoloA Star Wars Story event, as well as interviews with Jason Ward, Riley Blanton, and many more. This the podcast you’re looking for!

Show Notes:

Music: Classical Guitar: “Star Wars: A Guitar Medley-Beyond the Guitar” by Nathan Mills; Jazz Music: Eye to Eye by Steve Torok

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Topics Discussed Include:

Denny’s Solo Campaign and Exclusive Trading Cards

The Void Star WarsSecrets of the Empire

Melinda Wolf’s Review of the Scum and Villainy Cantina 


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