Comics With Kenobi Issue #24 (224)


It’s finally here. It took three recording sessions, six World Series games (Spoilers: CUBS WIN!), two trans-Atlantic crossings, one move and MULTIPLE cups of coffee, but episode 24 is ready for your listening pleasure.

Listen to the Show here!

dameron7 solo4 starwars24


We’ve got a special guest, too, a certain Coffee With Kenobi co-founder by the name of Dan Zehr who joins us to discuss the riveting concluding issue of Star Wars: Darth Vader #25, along with the intriguing coda that filled out the massive issue.vader25

Then it’s on to Star Wars: Poe Dameron #7, Star Wars #24 and Star Wars: Han Solo #4 for your co-hosts Matt Moore and Jeff McGee, along with some of the latest news involving Star Wars comics, including updates on Star Wars: Doctor Aphra.

It’s the perfect way to start this autumn weekend.

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