Coffee and The Clone Wars: Breaking Down the Entire Series One Episode at a Time!

Coffee and The Clone Wars: Breaking Down the Entire Series One Episode at a Time!

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I’ve been wanting to re-watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars for a long time, and after seeing Matt Martin’s decision to re-watch the series:

I knew this was the right time. After all, Star Wars Rebels is almost done with Season 2, and since I’ve grown accustomed to enjoying some animated Star Wars fare on Wednesday nights, this seems like the perfect way to not only bridge the gap to Season 3, but also to revisit this vital part of Star Wars lore.

Here’s my plan so far: every week or two (as time allows), I will re-watch one episode of the series in canonical order, and focus on three major things throughout this blog:

  • A summary of the episode, and any new characters/planets, etc.
  • A brief analysis of what this episode means for Star Wars, as far as what it contributes to the canon
  • A theme from the episode that provides insights into the Star Wars universe, and how it reflects the values of our culture

This may take awhile to compete, but seems worth it; I tend to analyze and learn more about subjects I am passionate about via  writing and discourse, so this could be a productive exercise. Besides, I really like writing about Star Wars, and want to brush up on my Clone Wars knowledge; so, as they say, here goes nothing!

Join me in this endeavor, as I revisit Star Wars: The Clone Wars in a whole new way! First up, Episode 216 (Season 2, Episode 16), “Cat and Mouse”, coming next week.

ICYMI: Here’s Lucasfilm’s official chronological order of the series, which I will be following during this blog series.

Click here for the entire series of “Coffee and The Clone Wars”



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