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In today’s show, Scott Murray joins us as we discuss our topic for Show # 44, Attack of the Clones. Scott continues our journey with us through the six existing films, as we look at the more prevalent themes, moments, and characters of Episode II. As we approach The Force Awakens, this is your chance to reexamine the saga, Coffee With Kenobi style.

We will also talk Force Friday Sales, Star Wars Reads Day, Dan Z reviews Disney Infinity 3.0, and Mark Von Ohlen returns to discuss the new sets from Topps, including The Force Awakens. This is the podcast you’re looking for!

Listen to the Show here!

Show Notes


Force Friday Sales

Collector News

Purchase Disney Infinity 3.0

Topps Contest with Coffee With Kenobi

Galactic Connections Website

VIDEO: Galactic Connections Disk Parallels

VIDEO: How to Play Galactic Connections

Discussion Segment

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