Clone Wars Conversations with James Arnold Taylor and Phil LaMarr — Parts 1 and 2

James Arnold Taylor is back with an all-new Clone Wars Conversations featuring Phil LaMarr, the voice of Kit Fisto and Senator Bail Organa in The Clone Wars. Actually, you get a bonus as I overlooked part one of this discussion when it posted in December — so now you get parts one and two. It’s like a mini-binge!

You can check out both episodes below:

If you don’t know Phil LaMarr you don’t know Jack! Samurai Jack that is! He’s the voice of so many amazing characters including Kit Fisto and Senator Bail Organa on the Clone Wars. In this two part interview we talk about SW and so much more!

Part two of my fantastic interview with acting great Phil LaMarr! We talk Green Lantern, Futurama, and a Samurai named JACK!

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