Classic Star Wars Games Make a Comeback

Classic Star Wars Games Make a Comeback


Good news for gamers today!  This is just in from the Official Site:

Star Wars: X-Wing Special Edition and Star Wars: TIE Fighter Special Edition, beloved classic flight simulators set in a galaxy far, far away, are back., a DRM-free digital distributor, announced today a new partnership with Disney Interactive that will bring more than 20 classic Lucasfilm titles to the site.Six titles will be available digitally to kick off the collaboration, including three Star Wars games: Star Wars: X-Wing Special Edition, Star Wars: TIE Fighter Special Edition, and the critically-acclaimed RPG Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

“We are very excited to be able to bring these classic interactive titles to our platform; it has been a long-time dream of ours,” said Guillaume Rambourg, managing director at “Luckily, Disney Interactive is always looking for new ways to give players access to content, so this was a natural partnership. To those gamers playing these titles for the first time…May the Force Be With You!”


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Image from the official Star Wars Facebook page.

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